Talking Donkey’s and Rubber Bands

Have you ever had a time where you keep seeing the same thing over and over again and you finally get the message that someone is trying to tell you something?

I have had these experiences many times in my life from seeing the same numbers or names everywhere I look, to seeing the same unusual items in obscure places. Like the rubber band for instance.

A number of weeks ago we launched our much anticipated online store ‘I Bought Her Freedom’.  It has taken lots of head scratching and hard work to finally see this dream become a reality.  The pressure was on to launch on a certain date.

In the same week we were also exhibiting for the first time at the popular Women’s Lifestyle Expo on the Sunshine Coast.  If that’s not enough,  in that very same week we also had our first team land in Lebanon to spy out the land for a future social enterprise working with the Syrian Refugees.  It was a big big week for us and we launched with a bang and surprisingly didn’t fall in an exhausted heap!

To say I was stretched is an understatement but as is usual for me I wasn’t going to let something like that stop me.  I am the forever optimist that truly does believe all things are possible.

Is it any surprise then that this was the week that I continually found rubber bands in the most obscure places?

The first one I saw really grabbed my attention. I woke up with it mysteriously on my wrist.  It made me very curious because I know that I didn’t put it there so how did it suddenly appear overnight and more importantly why?

Throughout that week I kept having mysterious encounters with my little flexible friend.  They were sat on seats I was about to sit on,  they were on my shoes, on my bedside table and in my closet.

You may think I am loosing my marbles and this is just coincidence. However, the bible shows us many times how God uses signs and wonders to communicate with His people.

Take Balaam for instance God communicated with him through a talking donkey.


Numbers 22:28 ‘Then the Lord opened the donkey’s mouth, and it said to Balaam,  “What have I done to you to make you beat me these three times?”


Can you imagine if your household pets start talking to you?  If our little fluff ball suddenly said “I’m sorry mum but I couldn’t help myself,  I piddled on the rug again” I wouldn’t think “Oh you bad dog” I would be picking my jaw up off the floor and running straight to the doctors for psychological evaluation.

God uses many unusual ways to speak to us.  Most of the time we are too ignorant to notice them or too active to sit and listen to Him.


He is hungry to communicate with us and will use all manner of shock tactics if necessary to get our attention.

Any parent with teenagers know how creative you need to be to get the attention of someone who is not listening.

God communicates with us through every means possible.  He talks through dreams and visions, through things we hear or read.  He can speak audibly, through others or in our thoughts.  He communicates through His creation, through numbers, names and objects.  Through talking donkeys and rubber bands and the list goes on and on.

Have you ever said the phrase “I can’t hear from God?”  Is the problem that He is not speaking or is it simply we are not listening?



God is communicating to us all the time,  we just need to train our senses to notice.

One of the great exercises we can do is just pick up random objects and ask what message can I get from this today?

It may be a coffee mug or a pencil case but there is always a message we can learn through every item in our home,  through every circumstance or conversation.  Tune in your senses and you will be amazed at the many ways God speaks to you.

So what was the message in the rubber band?

In a week where time was so limited God used an inanimate object to say “It’s OK,  I know this is a stretch for you,  I am enlarging you but don’t worry,  you will hold it all together”



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